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Folkway Workshop

an ongoing introductory workshop to playing traditional folk music for classical musicians and more (launched June 2020)

Led online by Lily and McKinley James every

Sunday 5:30pm-6:45pm EST: SIGN UP AND WEBSITE

Folkway's mission is to build an accessible workshop for any string player, regardless of their musical background, while also creating an online community that brings together people who would not usually be interacting in this way.

In this new era of classical music it is becoming increasingly more valuable for musicians to further their abilities by diving into multiple genres and broadening their skills. Based on our collective backgrounds, we are interested in continuing to bridge the gap between classical and traditional music. We have performed over 150 shows together in our band, Night Tree, and were able to draw upon our experiences in classical music as we created arrangements and sets.

This course will give a comprehensive introduction to playing fiddle music for any string player. It will be a jumping board for anyone wanting to become a fiddler, or just learn some tunes. This workshop is made for musicians who want to further their musical toolboxes and diversify their experiences and various abilities on their instrument. We are so looking forward to seeing you there and learning with you! 

~Lily & McKinley, FOKWAY WORKSHOP 2020

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